October 29 – November 8, 2015

Photo by Samson Learn.

Photo by Samson Learn. Click to view gallery.

A co-production with Eastern Front Theatre

Messenger is a new play by award winning Nova Scotia playwright Wendy Lill. In 1990, Canada almost led the world on climate change. Messenger imagines how this goal got lost. Inspired by Ibsen’s Enemy of the People, the play follows two brothers: one the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, and the other a newly-minted, idealistic cabinet minister. The stakes are heightened by strong family loyalties that are tested by the crisis that ensues when one brother refuses to back down from what he knows is right.

Messenger Artwork

Directed by Mary Vingoe

Burgandy Code
John Dartt
Jeff Schwager
Hugh Thompson

Andrew Cull, Set Designer
Laura Gallagher-Doucette, Assistant Director
Karen Gross, Associate Producer
Emlyn Murray, Costume Designer
Daniel Oulton, Sound and Projection Designer
Ingrid Risk, Stage Manager
Leigh Ann Vardy, Lighting Design
Sarah Wakely, Production Assistant

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